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1. Voice Of America (VOA)

Nigeria satisfy Polio Free

Coronavirus School Closure in Nigeria Threatens Child Labor

Disabled Persons in Nigeria Face More Pandemic Challenges

Nigeria’s 27 Million Disabled Wait Decades for Public Access

Nigerian Women Living with Disabilities Seek Equal Justice

Nigeria Business Owners Sell Goods from Car Trunks as Pandemic Workaround

Nigeria Muslim adapt to Ramadan in Coronavirus situation

Nigeria Fishing Festival Resumes

Nigeria film Oscar Disqualification

Bride price custom honored in Nigeria, despite concern

Former Boko-Haram member seeks mental health care

Thousands missing in Nigeria after Decades of conflict

Nigeria Traditional incense Thrives with social media marketing

Cholera in Nigeria VOA

Malaria in Nigeria VOA

Unemployment in Nigeria VOA

2. Turkish Radio and Television (TRT World)

Boko-Haram wives

My Story: Ekpo Glory, Female Bus Driver, Nigeria

Low turn out in Daptchi Maiduguri.

Cholera in Maiduguri

Surviving Boko-Haram returns home.

Survivor of Boko-Haram learning new skills.

Hunger and Malnutrition hits IDP camps

Lagos Food Bank

Abuja-Kaduna Road Kidnap

Cameroonian Refugees

Nigeria refuse to sign free trade treaty

Nigeria IDP Camps:

Kaduna’s Factory Revival:

Nigeria Dye Pits:

Nigeria Donkey Demand:

3. Deutsche Welle (DW)

The links below are Stories that I Directed and filmed with Alicia Prager for DW

Nigeria: Civilian Militia takes fight to Boko-Haram

Nigeria flee from Boko-Haram to town of Mongono


Nigeria Mini Messi

Nigeria: Machete against looting amidst lockdown in Lagos

Nigeria push for Oscar Disqualification

Nigeria Lagos school collapse


The links below are Stories that I contributed with some help from colleagues for Pear Video

Nigeria fans world cup reaction

Nigeria fans world cup reaction (Nigeria vs Argentina)

6. Africanews : Inspire Africa Nigeria Contributor

The links below are Stories that I contributed with some help from colleagues for Pear Video

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