Simpa Samson

Selling out Nigeria - Shell's irresponsible divestment

Shell entered the Niger Delta during colonial rule, and now, it is leaving behind petroleum-contaminated rivers and streams and vast areas of polluted land that have devastated the lives and livelihoods of millions of people living in the Niger Delta. Shell claims it cleans up, but our new report "Selling Out Nigeria Shell's irresponsible divestment" shows how historical pollution remains a serious issue and how Shell is trying to avoid responsibility for this despite the billions of dollars it has earned from the oil. Shell must be made to clean up the damage and pay for decommissioning of the oil infrastructure before it leaves There can be no justice in the energy transition if fossil fuel companies can walk away from contexts like the Niger Delta, which is one of the most oil-polluted places on Earth. We interviewed people in the Niger Delta, whose livelihoods have been affected by the oil pollution as well as Nigerian activists who are seeking to hold fossil fuel giants like Shell accountable.
Filmed and directed by Simpa Samson from Abuja in Nigeria.

Client: SOMO
Producer: Louise Orton
Role: DP/Director

Why Africa Doesn’t Have More Sports Arenas

Masai Ujiri, president of the Toronto Raptors, is pushing to make professional sports a bigger business in Africa, keeping talent, opportunity and money on the continent. He's promoting the construction of Zaria Court in Kigali, Rwanda, as a template-the kind of multi-use arena replete with hotels, restaurants and public space that could boost the fortunes of cities all over Africa.

Role: Camera Operator
Client: Bloomberg Originals 

Nigeria’s Chaotic Rise as the Tech Heart of Africa

Nigeria's tech industry is ready to boom, thanks to an ambitious young workforce. We meet the "Zuck of Nigeria," along with other top founders who see the country's problems as opportunities for innovation.

Role: Director of Photography, Drone, Fixer
Client: Bloomberg Originals 

Trans Resilience in an African Fashion Capital

Kamari Romeo heads to one of Africa's leading capitals to find out how trans and gender non-conforming Nigerians are dealing with their government's move to police gender-and meets trans designers pushing boundaries in the Lagos fashion world. This episode was filmed in 2022. Since then, the cross-dressing bill discussed in the documentary failed to advance in Parliament.

Role: Assistant DP
Client: Vice News 

Save The Children x Sleepless Nights

Save the Children UK advert
Our latest work for Save the Children UK is now live! Sleepless Nights tells the story of two-year-old Aisha, who is being treated on a paediatric ward in Kenya. The audience hears directly from Saaida, Aisha's mother, who says she "thought my daughter wouldn't make another day." The advert tells the story of the remarkable turnaround Aisha makes, due to nutritious food paste which is made accessible through donations to Save the Children The advert was filmed with Simpa Samson, an award-winning videographer based in Nigeria, and created with Saaida - enabling her to tell her story first hand.

Role: DP / Gaffer
Client: Good Media UK/ Save The Children International UK

Roux Prize 2023 Recipient

"It was very clear from an early age that what would want to do with my life is contribute to the mission and work of making things better.!
Congratulations to Professor lbrahim Abubakar who was just awarded the #RouxPrize this evening in London! His steadfast contributions to global health have positively impacted the lives of millions of people.
This video of his achievement was shared this evening at the event:

Role: DP/Drone Operator
Client: IHME Institute of Health Metrics Evaluation.

Why Nigeria Is Suddenly Betting on Solar 

An abrupt decision to end fuel subsidies is making electricity more expensive in Africa's biggest city, Lagos. Here's how Nigeria is unplugging from dirty generators and taking a gamble on solar power.

Role: DP/Director
Client: Bloomberg Originals

Teesas | Morgan Stanley 2022 Sustainable Solutions Collaborative

Innovation for me is how we transform Africa,” says Osayi Izedonmwen, founder and CEO of Teesas, a Nigerian ed-tech startup. Teesas delivers online educational content in both English and local languages to children across the African continent. As one of five members of the second cohort of the Sustainable Solutions Collaborative, Teesas is engaged in a year-long partnership with Morgan Stanley to help grow and scale its innovation.

Client: Morgan Stanley
ROLE: Field Producer, DP/Director

A Stone crusher’s song in Nigeria

A grandmother in Jos, Nigeria goes from breaking rocks for a living to rocking social media and becoming a music star at the age of 70.

Client: Aljazeera Africa Direct
ROLE: Director of Photography

Martha’s Delta

Martha is a remarkable woman on a mission to regenerate the ecosystem within the Niger Delta after oil spills have devastated the area and tell her story to raise awareness. Martha has taken up the fight to not only replenish her local environment but also to bring opportunities to other Women in the area. This film hopes to open our eyes to how detrimental extraction industries can be and whilst showing us the sheer power of the human spirit at work.

Client: WaterBear
ROLE: Field Producer, DP/Director

Covax Vaccination Campaign in
North East Nigeria

COVAX vaccination campaign in North east Nigeria and South Yemen.


ROLE: Field Producer, DP/Director

Powering Nigeria one Electric
Capsule at a time

Power generation in Nigeria is mainly from hydro and gas-fired thermal power plants Poor electricity supply has serious consequences for the businesses in the country, with several SMES struggling to maintain profitability and new players shying away from entering the market. The government has undertaken several measures, With crippling electric supply in Nigeria, but now individuals like Olubenga is taking it a step further to provide affordable, reliable and sustainable electricity to all Nigerians. Olubenga Olubanjo, founder of Reeddi has found a way to help electrify villages and very soon cities of Nigeria.

Client: Bloomberg Quicktake 

ROLE: Field Producer, DP/Director

Vital Voices

Obiageli (Oby) Ezekwesili is a daring advocate who’s led pioneering initiatives that challenge extremism, corruption and gender-based violence, Born and raised in Nigeria, Oby is an economic expert, who pursued a distinguished career within private sector and later became a public servant in Nigeria and internationally. She led Nigeria’s ministry of education and also served as vice president for Africa at the World Bank, using both positions to advocate for society’s most vulnerable. She is also a fierce pro-democracy activist and co-founder of Transparency International, e world’s foremost anti-corruption institution. When Boko Haram abducted 300 Chibok girls in 2014, Oby was one of the first to speak out. She co-founded the Bring Back Our Girls campaign, taking to the streets and galvanizing global calls for action. Even in the face of threats and intimidation from extremists, Oby refuses to remain silent. Oby is unapologetic about her bold vision for Nigeria and her continent, Africa. She recently ran for president as the only female candidate and is currently working to transform broken systems of public leadership. She is mobilizing citizens to lead the change of political culture, build democratic values which will ensure equality of opportunity to everyone in order that marginalized groups have a chance to thrive. Oby was recognized as a Vital Voices 2020 Global Leadership Awards Honoree

Client: Already Alive/ Vital Voices

ROLE: 1ST Assistant Camera Operator

Grind Before You Shine Eps_5

Sometime in June, I was called to Shoot and Direct an episode of a series that Follow Annette Echikunwoke @annette_echiku on a meter-by-meter journey toward her goal—competing in the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games.
She pushes past her limits and teaches us a valuable lesson: we can all break through our boundaries. Do the work, get the reward. Grind before you shine.
It’s unfortunate that Despite all the Hard work, long training hours, blood, sweat, tears, they were disqualified because of the negligence of the country they represent.

Agency: Blink Media
ROLE: Producer, DP/Director

Inside the global wildlife underground trafficking

In this first episode of ‘Bad Goods’, VICE News dives deep into illegal pangolin trafficking in Nigeria and China. ‘Bad Goods’ is a documentary series for Vice News looking at the worldwide illicit trade market, from wildlife trafficking, counterfeit item selling and sand mining. It will follow key people, from enforcement to traffickers, at the heart of the trade and explore what is behind the demand for illicit products.

Client: Vice Media
ROLE: Director of Photography 

WHO Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is curable if diagnosed and treated early. The tragedy is that while this type of cancer is preventable, poor access to prevention, screening and treatment contributes to 90% of deaths. In Nigeria, RAiSE Foundation is working to improve access to cervical cancer screening and prevention. It was established by Dr Amina Abubakar Bello, a gynecologist, obstetrician, and the first lady of Niger State. RAiSE offers financially accessible screenings, and any woman found with cancer or precancerous lesions is given free treatment.

Agency: Blink Media
ROLE: Field Producer, DP/Director

This is a Project I worked on for Vice News as the Lead DP. Dambe, a form of Nigerian boxing, is a centuries-old martial art that’s taken the country by storm. VICE News heads to Nigeria to learn more about the growing sport and the warriors who practice it.

Client: Vice News
ROLE: DP/Director

Police Brutality is Tearing Nigeria Apart

In the height of Police brutality in Nigeria, there was a nation wide peaceful protest by young Nigeria youth, and the responds from the government was sending its military force to shoot innocent and Unarmed Nigeria youth. I was opportune to work on this documentary as the Lead Director of Photography, as we document the event that happened on the day of the shooting 20/10/2020

Client: Vice News
ROLE: DP/Director

Feeding A Crisis: Africa’s Manufactured Hunger Pandemic

Hunger is still the biggest killer in Africa and it has a lot to do with colonialism. redfish worked with filmmakers in Senegal, Nigeria, Kenya and Zimbabwe to tell local stories of food and hunger, but also the growing resistance to the continued influence of former colonial powers, their corporations and institutions. Economic sanctions from the Global North, debt and loans from the IMF, aid dependency, and enforced capitalism have all played a central role in Africa’s manufactured food crisis.

Client: Redfish Media
ROLE: DP/Director

Wives of Boko-Haram Mini-Documentary

In 2014, the Nigerian government offered an amnesty to Boko Haram fighters. Thousands surrendered, and many wives fled with their children. But they’ve come back to a hostile reception. In 2017, I traveled to Maiduguri, Northeast Nigeria to document some of their horrible experience. I worked on this Project as the Director and Shooter

Client: TRT World
ROLE: DP/Director

Gold Man Environmental Prize Winner

In the aftermath of disastrous oil spills in Nigeria, environmental lawyer Chima Wiliams held Royal Dutch Shell accountable for the resultant widespread environmental damage. This is the first time a Dutch transnational corporation has been held accountable for the violations of its subsidiary in another country.

Client: Gold Man Environmental
ROLE: Field Producer, DP/Director

Black Snow: Nigeria Oil Catastrophe

Oil theft known as “bunkering” and the refining that comes with it are sickening and killing Nigerians living amid the pollution. It’s also creating one of the world’s most severe ecological disasters. 

Client: Bloomberg TV
ROLE: DP/Director

The Nigerian Warrior Hunting Kidnappers Hunters

The Nigerian Warrior Hunting Kidnappers Hunters
Nigeria’s volatile northeast, focuses on a Queen Hunter who leads a ragtag group of vigilantes who hunt down Boko Haram (ISWAP) militants and heavily armed kidnappers who threaten her community. This film was made possible with the herculean efforts and courage of an incredible team in Nigeria and outstanding professional work by production in the US and the UK, all done amid the pandemic with all the extra challenges it presented.

Client: Vice News

The Black River: Whiskey Documentary

This film is dedicated to the garden city. We must continue to shed light on the truth of situations and play our part in society to make a positive change for our people.

Executive Producer: Burna Boy
Client: Spaceship Collective
ROLE: Director of Photography

The Nigerian Warrior Hunting Kidnappers Hunters

The Nigerian Warrior Hunting Kidnappers Hunters
Nigeria’s volatile northeast, focuses on a Queen Hunter who leads a ragtag group of vigilantes who hunt down Boko Haram (ISWAP) militants and heavily armed kidnappers who threaten her community. This film was made possible with the herculean efforts and courage of an incredible team in Nigeria and outstanding professional work by production in the US and the UK, all done amid the pandemic with all the extra challenges it presented.

Client: Vice News

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